CTI: The Home Time Advantage

For many, a job in trucking means being on the road sometimes for weeks, away from home and away from your family. Industry statistics tell us that the average driver will be on the road for 2-3 weeks at a time, coming home sometimes for only a day- and sometimes less. Central Trucking Inc. is not an average trucking company, and our driving jobs are far from average.

CTI Drivers: Far From Average

Drivers at CTI enjoy far more time at home than the industry average. Regional and relay drivers are home every couple of days. Team can be home every week. We offer  these positions at each of our terminals. And the amazing thing about driving at CTI is that you can get this home time, and still make $55,000 a year as a solo driver, and $110,000 as a team.

At CTI, you can have a driving job AND have home time.

At CTI, you can have a driving job AND have home time.

Family Helping Families

CTI is a family owned and operated company. Drivers have families, and with CTI they are able to support their family driving a truck, and still be home to spend time with them. Whether it is time to unwind after being on the road, or being home to see a child or grandchild’s play, home time is essential for drivers. Don’t spend all your time and your family’s time behind the wheel of a trucking company that doesn’t get you home.

Come See the CTI Advantage for Yourself

Central Trucking Inc. has driving jobs available at all 4 of our terminals: Edinburgh, IN, Springfield, MO, Amarillo, TX and Kingman AZ. Apply online today and get the home time you deserve, without sacrificing your paycheck.