Central Trucking Inc. not only has the best trucks and trailers on the road, but we also offer Idlefree technology in all our trucks. From Idlefree:

For over-the-road drivers, a comfortable bunk, a warm engine, and access to a computer or TV aren’t luxuries; they are necessities that contribute directly to their comfort and safety.

Discretionary truck idling is the common solution for generating the energy required to meet these needs. But the price tag—in terms of higher costs, noise, and engine emissions—is steep, and getting steeper.

The Idle Free electric APU offers a flexible, cost-effective alternative to discretionary idling. It is a system designed to address the practical, on-the-road needs of over-the-road drivers and fleet operators—from keeping bunks livable in any climate to meeting more stringent environmental regulations.

CTI takes pride in its designation as a Smartway Elite status carrier. Idlefree helps make that possible, while still providing comfort and safety for our drivers.

New trucks and Idlefree, another CT advantage.

New trucks and Idlefree, another CTI advantage.


Outstanding dedication to our drivers and equipment help make CTI the perfect home for professional drivers.